Successful Green Bay Criminal Defense Lawyer

Since 1992, Green Bay attorney Mark P. Howe has counseled and defended the rights of northeast Wisconsin residents under investigation for, accused of, or charged with, criminal conduct, including state and federal felony and misdemeanor charges, and many drunk driving and operating while intoxicated cases — OWI, DUI, and DWI. He is an experienced Wisconsin attorney. He will aggressively advocate for your rights and your interests in court.

He has obtained excellent results — acquittals, dismissals and charge reductions — for clients charged with various felony and misdemeanor crimes such as:

  • OWI
  • Hit and run
  • Fleeing an officer
  • Traffic crimes
  • Fights
  • Negligent handling of dangerous weapons
  • Battery and self defense cases
  • Damage to property
  • Searches and seizures
  • Drugs and possession charges
  • Sex crimes and sexual assault charges
  • Theft, burglary and robbery
  • Property offenses
  • Disorderly conduct and domestic abuse

Think You Don't Have Any Defense Options? You May Be Wrong.

If you think your case lacks any meritorious defense, you may be in error! Experienced criminal defense lawyers like attorney Mark P. Howe know legal defenses that may be viable in your case. If there are none or you want to pursue a settlement agreement or plea bargain, he will seek the most favorable terms possible such as dismissal or reduction of charges, and lesser penalties consistent with your priorities. Whatever the charges, attorney Howe provides discrete, confidential and effective results.

howeAttorney Howe focuses on trial-level criminal defense law in Brown County. His clients are not career criminals. Many are innocent or only guilty of lesser charges, but all are drawn from the good, hardworking citizens of northeast Wisconsin, from all trades and professions, and all stages of life. While he highly respects the Constitution, the right to counsel, and attorneys who will undertake the defense of any person, he personally has no interest in representing people who are dedicated to a life of crime, or who are members of a criminal organization.

For those whom he agrees to represent, his experience, knowledge, and preparation of each case for a vigorous trial defense, results in the favorable settlement of many cases without a trial, because the key to success is the best presentation of your case, and the best attack on the prosecutor's case, to the judge, jury, or prosecutor.

Let Attorney Howe Start Fighting For Your Rights Today

If you have been charged with a crime or with an OWI in Brown County, call attorney Mark P. Howe today at 920-432-8214 today or contact him online. He is dedicated to your presumption of innocence, legal expertise, thorough case presentation, and zealously defending you or your loved one using long-recognized or cutting-edge legal defense strategies.